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All treatments include a consultation, natural massage oil that is hydrating and moisturising, hot stones and a foot bath, except where contraindicated. Stretching, aromatherapy home care, and advise. An home care aromatherapy prescription can also be made up for an extra cost.

⭐️Health fund rebates for massage ⭐️

Aroma Facial – Pampering

Using natural hand made products with hot towels, double cleanse, scrub, rose quartz roller, massage including hands and feet, acupressure points, mask, serum and moisturiser.
60 minutes $100.

Aromatherapy relaxation massage – Rejuvenating

A firm relaxing treatment for, back, neck, legs, arms, feet and of course a head massage.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150.

Leg and foot massage – Bliss

Soak, scrub, hot towels, massage, hot towels, moisturise.
60 minutes $100.

Lomi Lomi hot stone massage – Heaven

This beautiful treatment addresses the many levels of healing necessary to restore balance in the body, mind and soul. It combines the long rhythmic strokes of Hawaiian style massage with the gliding of organic coconut oil and hot stones along the body.
60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes $187.

Oncology massage – Nurturing

research has shown Oncology Massage improves the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer. It reduces the side effects experienced from conventional treatment of cancer and the symptoms of the disease process itself. Pain • Fatigue • Anxiety• Nausea • Depression
45 minutes $100.

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. You may experience some stiffness and soreness in the day or so following your Treatment. Includes cupping with silicone cups.
60 minutes $110 / 90 minutes $165.


Gift vouchers are available for any amount.

If you live in the Hepburn Shire ask about local prices.

All prices are subject to change.

What to do before your aromatherapy treatment.

Please DO –

  • arrive on time or 5 minutes early
  • leave jewellery at home.
  • bring your glasses if you need them.
  • turn your phone off or better still leave it at home.
  • have a hot bath or shower before your treatment.
  • try to plan your day so you don’t have to go back to work or house chores.

Please DON’T –

  • Consume alcohol
  • wear aftershave or perfume.
  • wear make up.
  • have a big meal just before.

What to do after your aromatherapy treatment – 

  • drink lots of water.
  • leave the oils on to do their magic so don’t shower straight after.
  • gentle stretches.
  • enjoy some quiet time.